Thirsty Thursday: Warm Afternoon

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2008 Santa Margherita Riserva Chianti Classico

It's late in the afternoon and this is my second trip to Ft Ord in the same day. The first one was for a long run in the morning. The second was just me, Massey, and a camera with a 180mm late in the day. It's been such a long time since I've used that lens. I struggled for a bit and most of my images were blurry but I did get a few shots (look for some of the really good ones in upcoming Massey Monday's). Anyways, I was happy with the few shots I was able to get looking into the sun. I think I like the warmth of these shots. . . the lazy summer feeling in January if that makes any sense. With such nice weather here, get out and enjoy it!

Thirsty Thursday: Sneaking Shots

Rambler: Beth
Drink at Hand: North Coast Brewing Company PranQster Belgian Ale (Belgian because its cyclocross season!)

Welcome to the first Thirsty Thursday of 2012! Time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. This past weekend was a busy one for Welliver Photography, shooting a beautiful New Year's Eve wedding in Big Sur on Saturday, dinner with friends on Sunday, and the most ridiculously absurd photo-exploration adventure on that is sure to be a Thirsty Thursday in the coming weeks.

With 1800+ images to go through from the wedding between the two of us, today's post is a quickie break from editing before I get back to my levels and curves. I snuck in a few of "non-wedding" photos during the day on Saturday. Did I mention that the sunset was unbelievable?!

Little Blossoms

No matter what you're up to this weekend, hopefully you can sneak in a capture or two of some beautiful scenery as well!

Thirsty Thursday: Arroyo Seco

Rambler: Beth Drink at Hand: 2008 Ventana Pinot Noir

Last Friday morning I got up super early to make the 50-minute drive to Pinnacles National Monument. I wanted to be there for sunrise, just to see what the early morning light was like in the west side of the park. Its never hard for me to pop out of bed when I'm headed out to shoot a sunrise, especially when I program the coffee pot to grind a fresh cup for me as I wake up. Out the door, down the 101 and right on time for arrival at the west entrance about 20 minutes before the 5:58 am sunrise. As I'm making the final turn toward the park, a waiting CHP car in the intersection flashes its lights. The officer tells me there's a wildfire up the road and the route to the park is closed. Grrr!

After getting up that early and driving all the way down there, I wasn't about to just turn around and go home. I needed a Plan B. I knew I wasn't too far from Arroyo Seco Road, and from my 6-hour bike rides out there, I vaguely remembered some pretty trees in some pretty fields. So off I went, racing to find something interesting as the sky continued to brighten.

I found this spot along Arroyo Seco Road. The trees and the open pasture looked interesting. I paced up and down the side of the road looking for a good composition, but it wasn't easy. I couldn't get the tree completely isolated from the busy scrub brush-covered hills in the background. I enjoyed the challenge though...there is something therapeutic about being out in the chilly morning air, peering through a viewfinder, searching for something inspiring. I love mornings with my camera.

Of course my attention always turns from the wide landscapes to the little details close-by.

The cloudless sky continued to brighten so I headed back down the road toward home...but not before I spotted this old barn in a field down below the road.

I knew I had to make one last stop on the way home. Several times a week I ride my bike out River Road, and recently there has been a beautiful display of yellow and purple wildflowers in a pasture beside the road.

So the morning didn't work out the way I expected, but I still found some nice scenes. More importantly, I still got to explore with my camera. And that makes me happy.

Get out there and explore this weekend!