Thirsty Thursday: San Francisco Wanderings

Drink in Hand: 2010 Ventana Rubystone
Rambler: Terry

Besides being unemployed this week, Beth and I headed up to San Francisco to attend the 2013 Atlassian Summit. The Summit was awesome! Look up #summit13 on Twitter and see what you can find. The first day, Beth signed up for Atlassian training and I had part of the day I wandered the streets from our hotel to the Summit. For some reason I fancy street photography. I think it's because I'm always surprised what I capture and I'm always inspired.

By the way, the Atlassian Summit rocked again this year! 

Market Street

Terry had the day off on Thursday, so we headed up to the Bay Area. First off was a "quick" stop at Ikea that, 4.5 hours and a full tummy of meatballs later, sufficiently filled the back of my Honda Element. Then we continued north to San Francisco. I had seen some cool night photos of the San Francisco street cars on Flickr, so the goal was to make our own cool night photos of the San Francisco street cars. It was a whole lot harder than we expected.

Here's a few I got...

And a couple from Terry...

Next time we'll be there later at night when there's less traffic, both human and gas-powered. We'll also find a better place to park that doesn't close at 7 and that doesn't charge by the minute (that's right, I said minute).