Thirsty Thursday: It's Fall

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: Mango Juice

October in Monterey feels somewhat like summer. That being said, the days are getting noticeably shorter and it feels a bit cooler than it used to. We still have pretty warm days, but the last couple of evening (late afternoon) runs required a long sleeve. Trader Joe's has started to stock all the pumpkin related goodness as well. 

The shots for today's post are from a couple of years ago when we were in Yosemite. I love the fall feel to the photos. The fallen leaves and relaxing sound of water over rocks. If you're not doing something outside this weekend, then you should be getting out there. . . soon it will winter and all will be different. 

Thirsty Thursday: Last Hike of 2012

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2010 Ancient Peaks Zinfandel

The last day of 2012 and the last hike of the year.  It was supposed to be a casual hike, but the Mas decided to make it interesting.  She was her typical rambunctious self...but this time it caught up to her.  She decided to go vertical (i.e., up the side of a cliff) and in doing so, she sliced (yes I said sliced) her paws.  Actually, she sliced a front one and a back one.  So, that pretty much ended the hike and poor little Massey is now out of commission.  After a visit to the vet, she's okay, but she won't be running until probably next week.  Tear.  So, our simple hike turned into a "Let's get Massey back to the house (and to the vet) so that she can rest."  But, Thirsty Thursdays aren't really about the adventures of Massey (check out Massey Mondays for those).  Before she decided to go vertical, she discovered this little stream where we were able to blur the water in the shadows.  It was a pretty peaceful place.  Sometimes I think the little pup has eye (or nose) for finding us spots to shoot.  So, even though the hike turned into a bit of a diaster, we were still able to get some decent shots.  Here's to some even better shots in 2013 and injury free hikes (at least for the Mas).


Massey and Beth


Thirsty Thursday: Uncommon Views at Yosemite

Drink in Hand: Ice Water Rambler: Terry

When you vist Yosemite, you are always tempted to take the standard images. The images you see everywhere. The beautiful rock formations that tower above you. I have to admit that it is tough to not photograph these scenes. But sometimes, I think the scenes you normally pass by are the ones that make a trip to the valley more real. They are scenes that you rarely take the time to appreciate their beauty. Here are a few of those scenes that I think fit into this category.

Of course, I actually did take some of those standard shots (who could actually resist), but those are for another day...

Thirsty Thursday: Chasing Waterfalls

Rambler: Beth Drink at Hand: TJ's 2009 Petit Reserve Tempranillo

Terry and I used to shoot a lot of waterfalls. When we lived in Japan we actually had a book the listed locations of hundreds of waterfalls. Of course, the book was in Japanese so I had to play a little game of trying to match the thumbnail map included with the directions to our bilingual road map, but we still found quite a few of the waterfalls. When we went on vacations we'd continue our hunt for tumbling water, leading to hundreds of blurred water images from all over the world--or at least all over Asia and the US.

I don't know why we don't hunt for waterfalls anymore. I know there are a few not far away along the Central Coast and spring is always a great time to go find a fall with fresh snowmelt and spring showers fueling the flow. Perhaps we just need to make time. Or perhaps we just need a little reminder...and that's what Thirsty Thursdays are for...a little reminder to go out and doing something or find something cool this weekend.

Enjoy the waterfalls. I tried to include a name or location, but some of them I don't know or don't remember.

Little Missouri River, Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas.

Another view of the Little Missouri River, Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas.

Somewhere in northern Japan.

Tucked away in the rainforest near Cairns, Australia.

Close-up of water gushing into Milford Sound in New Zealand. Terry shot this with the 100-400mm lens from a boat.

Stream emptying into Lake Superior along Pictured Rocks National Seashore, Upper Peninsula, Michigan.

Somewhere near Marquette, Michigan.

Another waterfall somewhere near Marquette, Michigan.

We spent a whole weekend scouting falls in north central Japan and found these two images along the way.

Close-up of a rushing stream near Nikko, Japan.

Get out there and explore this weekend!