The Mas Is Back

The Mas (a.k.a. Massey) has been out of commission for the last couple of weeks...which means we've had a very energetic puppy for a while.  Let me explain the details of her injury. We were out running at Creekside; or should I say, I was out running at Creekside and she was exploring the fields in front, behind, and all around me.  Everything was just fine until we got back home and I was doing the normal "tick check" and found she had a nice 1/4" gash on her chest.  She seemed not to notice of course.  Unfortunately, after giving her a bath, the cut wasn't going to close without assistance.  Thus, we had to take the poor little thing to the vet for a staple.  The staple meant no running...which did not go over well with her.  Take a look at these photos to understand...pure joy...they are from previous runs (before the two week intermission).

Fortunately, everything has healed and she is good to go.  She had the staple removed (rather it fell out) last Thursday.  We like to think she willed it out of her body so she could go running again.  Here are just a couple of shots from her run today...suffice it to say, she was a bit out of shape.  But really, that doesn't matter to her...she just loves being out there.