Massey Monday: Splash

So, there's only one picture this Monday and neither Beth nor I took it. Let me take a moment give you the background. We (i.e., the family) were out for a hike somewhere near Leadville, CO. The trail winded around a beautiful mountain lake and up the side of a mountain. Of course, the Masalicous was running up, down, and all around the trail. We hiked around the lake and up half of the mountain. On our way down, we decided to complete the hike around the other side of the trail. Massey, of course, has already gotten wet in some of the shallow parts of the lake, so she must know how cold the water is. And, then it happened. We were on a single track trail and a bird (probably a duck) flew over and she was off. . . determined to catch it. Unfortunately, for us, we lost sight of her in the tall grass. The bird, however, remained in plain sight. I think we all kind of had the same thought. . . that bird is headed for the middle of the lake. We could see the bird clear the grasses on the shore and then we heard it: SPLASH! I can only image the sight of a little brittany spaniel chasing a bird through some tall grass and leaping into the cold water in a last ditch effort catch the bird. The picture was taken by my Mom (Marie) when Massey decided to come back and let us know she hadn't caught the bird but that she had given it her all.

Happy Monday from Colorado!