Thirsty Thursday: Lucca

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2010 Pierce GSM

Lucca from outside the city wall...who would have guessed that it housed such a fabulous city. Even walking on the wall, you can't really appreciate it. It's not until you wander down the streets and find some stairs that lead you to the top of one of the many towers--then, you'll appreciate it. Its narrow streets, its red-roofed buildings, all protected by a brick wall and some trees. Such a cool place. I'd like to go back some day.

Approaching Lucca

The wall

Walking on the wall

Lucca from above

Massey Monday: My Shoes!

My Shoes
Ok, they help on this stuff

I'm not sure of my new shoes. I kind of like them. They are red. Well, I really only like them when I'm running over sharp rocks...or a distance of less than a mile or so. Anything over a mile, or about a mile and a half, I'll just sit down in the middle of the trail and refuse to move until someone helps me take them off. I mean, come on, a mile, that's a long way!

Merry Christmas from the Dog

Massey wanted to feel festive yesterday, so she found herself some green and red. Then she said "woof woof woof" which loosely translates to "Happy Christmas."

She later informed Mom and Dad that we shouldn't cut the grass when its so wet.