Last Week

Last week involved a lot of catching up and finishing up for me. My new job starts soon, and it seems that all those little projects that I had slated to accomplish during my down time just haven't gotten done. Add in a couple of graphic design projects for the Terry and a friend, and it made for a busy week of hovering over the computer. Even though I didn't get to head out on any adventures (besides my bike rides), I did still grab the camera a few times. We have a lovely tree that surprised me with some beautiful spring blossoms.

The CSA box continues to inspire yummy dinners, though I'm getting a little tired of cutting chard leaves from stems. Every week!

My outside Crocs. Appears they need a bath.

Tails of finished projects (scarf and a beanie).

The never-ending scarf. I knit and knit and its still not done!

My cuties posing for the camera. Poor Massey had 2 ticks get her just above the eye. Hopefully her fur will fill back in up there.

And speaking of that never ending scarf and that 4-legged cutie...she decided that the needle holding the stitches on that scarf were a chew toy while I was out for a ride. I came home to the scarf on the ground and only a chewed nub of a needle by it. She had taken all the other pieces in the other room and hidden them under her blanket. Terry found them later. Fortunately she was quite careful when she pulled the needle out of the stitches and I was able to slide a new needle back into place without dropping a stitch. She's a very considerate saboteur.