Massey Monday: Rest Time

There comes a point late in the afternoon each day when we're out backpacking. Massey really has no endurance filter...its more of an on-off switch. Most times, that switch is stuck in the "on" position. So after a full day of chasing birds, bunnies, pika, marmots, lizards, and whatever else she thinks she should chase, the batteries need a recharge. While Terry and I filter water and make dinner, Massey chills. But is still on alert. 

Thirsty Thursday: Eastern Sierra - A Preview

Rambler: Terry Drink in Hand: Chicken Noodle Soup (recovering from a cold I caught last weekend)

If you happened to follow our Instagram feed (or twitter or facebook) you probably realized that we were in the Eastern Sierras last weekend. Long story short, we slept in our Honda Element (the two of us and Miss Massey), woke up early early to catch the morning light, hiked around all day (Miss Massey enjoyed this part), photographed the sunset, and the drove to the next place and started it all over. What a great three days. Needless to say we (I) took way too many pictures. Neither of us have really done much editing but here are a couple that I did tonight. More to come later!